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Landlord Insurance

We help landlords relax. You can’t be with your rental 24 hours a day, but your landlord protection insurance can. We understand the special challenges of protecting both your property and your own liability.

    • Prosper Insurance Group offers optional liability coverage for the risks posed by tenant-occupied dwellings. Some of our companies’ landlord protection liability options protect you and your spouse or domestic partner against personal injury, wrongful eviction or wrongful entry as well as other non-bodily injury claims such as libel and slander.

    • Providing only the level of coverage you need lowers your cost.

    • Extended dwelling coverage will automatically cover up to 25% above the amount for which your dwelling is insured in the event a major or total loss exceeds your coverage.

It’s important to know that Landlord Protection insurance is meant to cover accidental loss, not routine maintenance.

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