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Will Prosper Insurance Group be my agent?

Yes, we are not “Brokers”, which means when you need policy changes or services, we will help you with them. We work in the same capacity as a typical agent that you may currently be working with, we just represent more than one company.


Do you charge a fee for rating my insurance with multiple companies?

No, Prosper Insurance Group will rate your insurance with multiple companies for free, as a part of our superior service.


Are the companies you represent A-Rated?

Yes, every company we represent is A- rated or higher by AM Best. Prosper Insurance Group only represents companies with strong reputations for financial strength, claims service, and rate competitiveness.


Who do I call to make a claim?

We recommend you to contact us before making a claiming and we connect you with the appropriate claims department. If it is during non-working hours, see the “Make a Claim” link for our companies’ 24 hour claims numbers.


How long has Prosper Insurance Group been in business?

Prosper Insurance Group began January 1, 2007 under the name Avant Garde Insurance, LLC. The name has since been legally changed with the State Corporation Commission to Prosper Insurance Group, LLC.


In which states is Prosper Insurance Group licensed?

Currently, Prosper Insurance Group is licensed in Virginia, North Carolina, DC, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Our National License Number is: 14849235.

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