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About Prosper Insurance Group

Prosper Insurance Group began in 2007 by two childhood friends, Drew Monroe and Rohan Shetty, determined to build an agency that was unique in an industry largely dominated by mediocrity. Today, Prosper Insurance Group is one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in Virginia. Our company continues to be unique with its steadfast commitment to clients and our core values.


    • Commitment to the environment. At Prosper Insurance Group we plant a tree for every policy we write. Just another way we make you Feel Good About Your Insurance. We partner with The Nature Conservancy to replenish The Atlantic Forest in Brazil. It is one of the largest tropical forests in the world, but is only 12% of its original size because of coastal development, urban expansion, agriculture, and illegal logging. The Atlantic Forest alone provides clean water and hydro energy for over 130 million people. What is better than getting great rates and service from your insurance agency? Getting great rates and service and helping the environment at the same time. Click to learn about the trees that are planted.
    • Does your agency impartially shop your insurance with up to 10 different A-rated insurance companies? We do. Age, education, credit history, driving record, auto type and more can all be rating factors for auto insurance. Construction type, zip code, age of dwelling, foundation type and more can all be rating factors for home insurance. The only way to know you are getting a good deal on your insurance is by getting rates from multiple companies. Prosper Insurance Group hand-picks insurance companies with reputations for good rates and service and then does the shopping for you. It feels good to know you are always getting a great deal on your insurance. Click for a quote.
    • Has your agency been recognized for excellent service? We have. It feels good to know that you will get great service from your insurance agency. For two years running, Hampton Roads Magazine has found Prosper Insurance Group to be in the top 1% for overall customer satisfaction for auto and home insurers. Click for a quote.
    • Does your agency provide you with an independent resource to make sure you are treated fairly during a claim? We do. Who do you speak to you when you feel a claim is not being handled well? A supervisor from the same company? Prosper Insurance Group will work with you and the insurance company to make sure that both sides are treated fairly during a claim situation. It feels good to know that you will always have someone in your corner when you have a claim.
    • Does your agency only offer A-Rated insurance Companies? We do. Insurance companies receive financial ratings to make sure they are financially sound enough to pay out claims during a catastrophic event. We only work with A-Rated companies, so you know when you are with Prosper Insurance Group you are being insured by a company among the best in the industry. It feels good to know your insurance company will be there for you when you need it.


Mission Statement:

To make our clients feel good about their insurance. We will achieve this by: offering competitive rates from reputable insurance companies, providing industry leading customer service, and giving back to communities and the environment.

Core Values

Vision – We will be a company not led by profits, but by the belief that putting our clients, partners, employees, and communities first will inevitably lead to a healthy, successful business.

Individuality – We will value and preserve our ability to be different, both as a company and as individuals. It is our uniqueness that will inspire creativity from our employees and loyalty from our clients.

Consideration – We will recognize and cherish that we are fortunate to operate within a society rich with opportunity. It is our responsibility to give back to the communities and environment we live in.

Respect – We will treat every client, business partner, and co-worker with kindness and appreciation. Every interaction is an opportunity to build trust and rapport.

Efficiency – We will do more with less by harnessing technology, practicing the highest level of organization, and developing and adhering to effective business processes.

Culture – We will unyieldingly pursue a corporate culture that supports and inspires friendships, responsible work-life balances, good health, and positive attitudes.

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